The Next Day by John Porcellino, Paul Peterson, and Jason Gilmore

“Every year, nearly one million people die from suicide… More than 20 times as many people attempt… What if they had waited just one more day?”

The Next Day is a graphic novella and interactive documentary that recounts the stories of four people (Tina, Ryan, Chantel, and Jen) who have contemplated and survived near-fatal attempts at suicide. The stories are taken from personal interviews and intertwine to form an almost escalating spiral to the end until the next day when a bit of hope peeks through the darkness and shows what can happen if you find the courage to wait just one more day. The graphics that accompany the text are powerful yet simple line drawings that convey the despair that can accompany mental illness and depression.

The graphic novel is a collection of four powerful stories that captures key moments from each of these four people’s lives that led them to make the decisions they did. The online interactive experience recounts the same stories but it allows the user/reader to listen to the stories first hand through the original audio interviews.

The book, while found in the YA section of my local library , can be most appreciated by older teens and adults. I would recommend this book to anyone who is trying to understand what goes through the mind of someone who has committed or is contemplating suicide.

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See the book trailer here!

To view an interactive version of the book, click here.



Citation of Image: Image from Book. Found on From The Next Day, Gilmore, J., Peterson, P., & Porcellino, J. 2011. Toronto: Pop Sandbox.


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