Blog Review – Marcus Sedgwick

Marcus Sedgwick, author of White Crow, My Swordhand is Singing, and Floodland, has kept up his blog since July 2008, with the first entry including a gloomy Swedish poem about death with no translation available until two days later.  His posts include information about tours he has gone on with no updates while he is on the tours, glimpses into his writing process, teasers of upcoming books, information about projects he is currently working on, and pictures from trips he has gone on to research for any books he is currently writing.  Links along the side provide information about his most recent book and access to the official Marcus Sedgwick Facebook group, his twitter feed, and his website.

Unfortunately, Sedgwick’s blog is not updated frequently, with only ten posts in 2012.  His posts are quite short and usually allow his readers a glimpse into what he is currently working on by the abundance of photos and even videos. A recent post encourages readers to write for themselves and not let anyone push them into writing: a reminder that it was first (and still is) a hobby before it became more of a career.  The blog is written for mostly adults in mind; however, young adults can easily read and feel comfortable with his blog posts as well.  There is little evidence of community within the blog with only a few comments on his blog posts, if any, and only fifty active followers of the blog.  Based on his posts, Marcus Sedgwick is quite busy with his many projects, his latest being an interactive theatrical experience of his novel My Swordhand is Singing.

“You should write the book you want to write, and do it as well as you can, with as much truth and passion and energy as you can. And when you’ve done that, you can then hope that something in it will be something that someone else might want to read, but at least you’ve been true to one person – yourself. And with that start, you might just have something.” – Marcus Sedgwick


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