The Heart and the Bottle written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers


The world always seems so full of mystery and excitement as a child and after growing up, we realize that childhood is fleeting and wish to instill in our children the same excitement we experienced as young children. This charming yet intense picture book details the story of a girl who discovered the mystery and excitement in the world around her until one day something happens that makes the girl take her heart, her desires, and her excitement and hide them away where no one can ever find them and growing up won’t change them.

In his book, Oliver Jeffers tackles the heavy themes of life, love, and loss and shows us that there is always hope if we can just find the simple joys in life and share them with the people around us. Jeffers encourages the reader to come up with their own story. Is there anything in life that is preventing us from fully experiencing the wonder around us? I believe this book can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. While some concepts may seem too difficult for a child to understand, don’t discourage them from reading the book. They may discover something from the story that adults sometimes fail to do because they can’t remember how to look at the world through the eyes of a child.

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