Waiting by Carol Lynch Williams



“All life has stopped, even though it’s been a while. You think things get going again. And they do. Sort of.”

As they were growing up in a missionary family, London and Zach were inseparable as sister and brother. They did absolutely everything together until the worst thing that could happen, happened. Zach died and suddenly London’s world was thrown upside down.  Now her father keeps his distance and her mother won’t talk to her. What’s worse? There are rumors that it was London’s fault. Feeling isolated from her family, London finds herself caught up in a love triangle involving her brother’s best friend and a new boy. Will she find peace and redemption as she tries to rediscover love and figure out how to bring her family back together?

Waiting is written in semi-verse.  Because the book is about a missionary family, there is a born-again conversation at the end of the book and because of the Christian element to the story, London struggles with issues from a Christian point of view, especially the issues of her faith and her sexuality. To some, the religions undertones may not run deep enough. To others, there may be too much of a religious element.  Either way, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone, especially someone from a Christian family that can relate to the issues London is struggling with.

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