A Perfect Gentle Knight by Kit Pearson

ImageThis book details the story of six siblings struggling to cope with the recent death of their mother. The children try to keep their family together when their father withdraws to his work. Eleven year old Corrie describes how the eldest child, Sebastian, has begun a role-playing game of Knights of the Round Table which turns out to be quite the adventurous escape from reality. The fantasy starts to crumble when Roz, the second oldest, starts to find reality much more interesting than anything in a made up world. Corrie begins to worry that Sebastian may have lost his interest in reality, and struggles between her new friend, Meredith, and the fantasy that may no longer hold her reality together.

In 164 pages, Kit Pearson engages the reader with topics such as death, grief, mental illness, coping, and growing up. 11-year-old Corrie is faced with some awfully big issues for her age but the ending wraps up the story in a nice “Happily-ever-after.” Because the book is set in the 1950’s and there are references to Elvis and other 50’s references, I believe this book would be nostalgic for any adult. The same references, however, may be lost on the young adults of our generation.

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