Blog Review — Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry is a prolific writer for children and teens, perhaps best known for her Giver series. Her blog is a frequently updated, journal-style publication, located on the her website alongside videos, copies of past speeches, book news, and a handful of frequently asked questions (though she does her best to respond to those who e-mail her directly). Lowry’s writing is chatty and personable, but while portions of her website are explicitly aimed at the students and teachers most likely to be reading her books, the subject matter and tone of her blog seem more suited to adult readers. Most posts are short musings about personal experiences, from having her roof repaired after Hurricane Sandy to discovering via the audio version of her latest book, Son, that she has overused certain words. The tone is matter-of-fact, sometimes rueful, occasionally weary.

That said, if the goal is to gain a bit of insight into the mind and experiences of the author behind the stories, Lowry’s blog is a good choice. Less focused on ideas or on the writing process than some, Lowry’s posts tend to come across more like personal letters, updating friends on events, memories, and small curiosities that have been on her mind lately. The material does not seem to be polished for a particular audience, and readers may appreciate the trust that that implies.


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