Blog Review — Jane Yolen’s Journal

Two to four posts a month keep readers of Jane Yolen’s blog up to date on her reading, writing, travels, and other adventures. Personal stories make Yolen feel relatable and accessible, but the real treasure is her talk about her own experiences with writing, including her struggles with editing (and re-editing) stories in order to both satisfy her editor and keep the stories cohesive, and her ongoing receipt of rejection letters. Yolen also occasionally shares her poetry–in fact, a recent post describes her process of finding just the right words to express a thought on in-between spaces, helped in part by a chance to bounce ideas back and forth with a friend. Along with her blog, Yolen’s website offers resources developed/gathered for children, writers, teachers and storytellers, as well as information on her poetry, her travel schedule, and awards she’s won.

Yolen keeps her website content-rich and current, emphasising, again, her accessibility, as well as her commitment to connecting with her readers. Like her writing, which includes fantasy, science fiction, non-fiction, poetry, picture books and graphic novels, Yolen’s website promises broad appeal and plenty of content. Whether readers are long-time fans or newcomers looking for stories about dragons-dinosaurs-folklore-the end of the world, Yolen’s blog is a great place to find out about who the author is and what she writes.

Note: IE seems to have some trouble with her Works and Book Trailers pages–scroll down to the bottom of the page, or try Firefox instead.


2 thoughts on “Blog Review — Jane Yolen’s Journal

  1. Actually, anything on my website (except for reviews and other quotes about my work that I have cited) I wrote myself. Thanks for making information about the website available!

    Jane Yolen

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