Something New!

Hi, everyone!

After a New Year’s assessment of what we’ve done and what we’d like to accomplish with Lemon-Squash, we’ve decided to make a few changes to the blog. Here’s a quick overview:

1) We’ve shuffled our team a bit. Miriam is taking some time off to plan her wedding, and we’re welcoming two new contributors: Rei and Lindsey. Visit our About Us page for an introduction!

2) Both of our new contributors have a passion for children’s literature, so we’re expanding the focus of the blog to include children’s as well as YA materials. We have some great titles lined up!

3) We feel that we’ve accomplished what we wanted to with our YA author blog series — we’ve provided a resource that highlights some of our favourite author blogs and demonstrates what that genre has to offer. Keep an eye on our Saturday posts for the start of a new series (and maybe a guest post or two as well!).

Thanks for following along. We look forward to sharing more of our best recommendations with you!


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