Close to Famous by Joan Bauer

Close to Famous coverHello! I’m excited to be a blog member with the Lemon-Squash Book Club!

My first post is about Foster McFee, a twelve year old girl whose life is full of obstacles. She is challenged by the idea of going to a new school after fleeing with her mother from an abusive relationship. The only mementoes she still had of her father, who died in the Iraq war, were left behind in a pillowcase in the town that she has fled from, and she must learn to cope with only the memories and feelings that she can hold on to. The small town that they move to, however, is populated with individuals with unique personalities, such as Kitty and Lester, two big-hearted individuals who give Foster and her mother a place to stay. In the midst of all of this, Foster’s dream is to have her own cooking show, just like Sonny Kroll, a celebrity chef on TV.  Her talent in baking cupcakes wins the support of the townspeople, and with their encouragement, she whips up some fantastic cupcakes in her trailer van home. Though she struggles to read (Foster is dyslexic), her motto of “I’m going to make the world a better place, one cupcake at a time” helps her to gain confidence in her baking and to reach out and work on her reading skills, which unfolds in a nice surprise for Foster.

Click here and here for reviews of Joan Bauer’s Close to Famous.

Watch the book trailer for this book here.


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