Jeremy Fink & the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass

ImageWhen a package addressed to Jeremy arrives one month prior to his thirteenth birthday, he lets his temptations get the best of him and opens it only to find a locked wooden box with the engraved words “the meaning of life: for Jeremy Fink on his thirteenth birthday” from his deceased father of five years. On a quest to find his ‘Existential crisis’, Jeremy, alongside his friend Lizzy, scour New York City traveling from flea markets to museums, during which process they gain insight into art, religion, and the sciences while developing their concept of friendship and family.

Another one of Mass’s well-written novels! Tied right into the promise of suspense and an urban adventure to find Jeremy’s meaning of life, the story does the title and reader justice. It clearly defines the problem and is written in a manner that invokes the reader into thinking alongside the characters to look at some of the open-ended questions that ultimately help us re-examine the reasons for our presence.

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