Flying Feet by James McCann

Though Jinho, a second generation Korean-Canadian, acts the part of a “good student” for his non-English speaking mother, he is also a frustrated teen who has just lost (another!) ImageTae Kwon Do tournament. What’s more, since he broke his opponent’s fingers in the process, he’s been disqualified from playing the sport.

Just when things are worst, he meets and is scouted by Austin, trainer for a free-for-all underground Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) club where there are no rules, weight classes, or referees that would disqualify attacks should they progress too far.

Though Jinho is initially enthralled by the promise of fighting without rules, when the dangerous reality of the sport makes itself clear, he finds it difficult to get out. The only way he can move forward is by coming to terms with what he learned prior to his MMA days and with his original foundations.

Self-realization comes about in different manners. One process of coming to this point can be through the removal of and reuniting with something one took for granted. Only through the personal acceptance, realization and feelings of respect for a big influence in your life, can one truly walk towards the road to independence and restructuring of oneself as a complete whole.  An action packed, highly accessible book title for a more reluctant reader.

Want to know more about the book? Check out the BookTrailer.  Also take a look at the CM: A reviewing journal of Canadian Material for Young People, and or, The Readingjunky’s Reading Roost.

Want to know more about the author? Visit his BlogPage.


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