Word Nerd by Susin Nielsen

ImageTwelve year old Ambrose is an optimistic kid. Not even the “pleasure” of changing schools every time he and his mother move and his deathly allergy to peanuts can keep him down. On his last day of school, he nearly dies when bullies hide a peanut in his lunch. To keep this from happening again, his overprotective mother decides that he will be homeschooled.

Ambrose stays home alone when his mom goes to work in the evenings, and it is during this time that he meets Cosmo, the proprietor’s twenty-five year old son who has recently been released from jail. When he discovers that they both enjoy Scrabble, Ambrose talks Cosmo into pretending to be his big brother and going with him to a Scrabble club (where Cosmo tries to impress Amanda, the club director). In this setting of shared acceptance, both Ambrose and Cosmo begin to really flourish and grow.

When was the last time that you felt like your talents were thoroughly accepted? Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that you were able to flourish when your talents and abilities were thoroughly recognized and you felt the benefit of this? Have you ever been in a situation where your presence helped another individual self-realize part of him or herself?  This novel allows the reader the opportunity to re-examine their own talents and how they have or have not helped to them to positively define themselves and achieve something unexpected or difficult. A really enjoyable, fun read. If you come across it — have a look!

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Learn a bit more about this Vancouver-based author on her website!

You may also be interested in watching a book trailer that some students created.


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