Feeling Good: Todd and His Friend by sunmark


Todd and His Friend, written by sunmark and translated from Korean by William Broder, is a quirky, engaging story about loneliness and the power of imagination.

Young Todd is not a fan of studying or sports, which sets him apart from his classmates and renders school a daily frustration. What he would prefer to do is draw — to spend his time conjuring up dinosaurs and ships, ghosts and little boys.  When one of these little boys comes to life, however, stepping down from a brick wall, a gleeful friendship ensues. The two take on the world together (or at least school and sports!), with Wally rousing in Todd an entirely new outlook on life. But with chalk vulnerable to the elements, Wally’s time is limited, whether or not Todd is ready to say goodbye…

Used book sales have been a great resource for building up my daughter’s book collection, and this is precisely how Feeling Good: Todd and His Friend and other dual-story books from the Korean/English Bing Bang Boom Club series dropped into our hands. In retrospect, it’s amazing how long the books sat unread on our bookshelves! But after a fateful day, and the discovery of a remarkable depth and humour to these magic realist tales…well, my husband, daughter, and I are completely hooked, and continue to enjoy conversations around them.  

Unfortunately, very little information appears to exist around these books, leaving me with neither additional reviews nor trailers to share. But as a definite gem, consider giving the series a chance should it ever cross your path!



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