When Vera Was Sick by Vera Rosenberry

Upon coming down with the  measles, Vera is lovingly settled into a quiet, dark room by her mother. And what follows, this little girl discovers, is a life very much stripped of colour — at least for the time-being! 

veraToo sick to read books; play with crayons; or participate in the bustle of family life, Vera feels increasingly lonely. Not even visits from her family or sneaky ventures downstairs help her spirits or those pesky, itchy red spots. And once boredom strikes, and pink calamine lotion abounds, Vera’s had just about enough! Is there any end in sight?…

As a note to all those with children in daycare (especially in that first year!), Rosenberry’s tale provided a solid means for helping my toddler put words to the physical states of colds and the flu. Because it’s a fairly long tale, we initially compensated by focusing on a few pages central to the experience of sickness, and especially those with comical aspects. But a year down the road, the whole book is more than manageable for her, and permits many openings through which to discuss the experience of illness, and its effects on ourselves and those around us.

Check out a NYTimes review, and if your interest is at all peaked, you can join in my excitement of discovering that Rosenberry has a whole series of books featuring Vera. For the record, though, I think that I’ll avoid Vera Runs Away for the time-being…no need to plant such ideas just yet!!


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