Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

ImageRamon loves to draw. He draws anything, anytime  anywhere. That is, until his older brother teases him about his artwork, leaving him overly critical of his drawings. After that, his works never seem “perfect.” He draws and draws and draws again, but feels that his drawings are never good enough. He ends up crumpling them up and drawing them over again.

One day he notices his younger sister picking up one of his crumpled pieces of art. Chasing after her to get his drawing back, Ramon follows her into her room, where he finds all of his crumpled up drawings carefully hung on his sister’s walls. When a flabbergasted Ramon tells her that the drawings are not perfect artistic renditions, his little sister doesn’t even blink, saying that while his drawing of a vase doesn’t look like a vase, it still looks “vase-ISH.”

Ramon feels inspired once more as he starts to see things in an entirely new way. “They do look…ish,” he says. Feeling less burdened and newly energized, Ramon begins once again to draw freely, living “ish-fully ever after.”

This book shows readers that whatever someone says to them, not everything needs to be perfect. It provides an avenue to know that they can relax and stand by their ideas and or works and express themselves fully in adverse situations knowing that there is value in imperfection. Contemporary in its artwork, Ish is a story filled with emotion and warmth that will surely grasp the attention of readers young or old.

See a booktalk on YouTube.

Get to know a little bit more about Peter Reynolds on his website. Learn about his mission, read his blog, and browse through his photo album.

Find a classroom guide for this story as well as for the dot, another one of Reynolds’ books.


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