Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton

“It was early in the morning and Splat was wide awake…” So begins Rob Stottson’s Splat the Cat, a funny, appealing tale of growth and the fear and excitement that this entails. Splat, faced with his very first day of school, is a wiggle of worry despite his mom’s encouragement. And despite his very best efforts, there is no running away from this particular adventure. Truly, not even a lack of socks; a case of bad hair; or uncooperative doors, gates, and lampposts can help him here!

Oh, Splat! (the cat)Once he gets to Cat School, though, life doesn’t seem quite so bad! His teacher, Mrs. Wimpydimple, is warm and affirming, and all of the little cats are quick to celebrate his arrival. Whew! What a relief…until, that is, Splat is faced with a lesson challenging his relationship with a special, sustaining friend.  Can this friendship and his new-found interest in school survive the challenge?

Gorgeous illustrations + humour + familiar emotions = LOVE in my household!  Notably, while the vocabulary is just right for my toddler, and topics are easily related to her own life for processing, she is still prejudice-free in terms of why this friendship is odd. It will be interesting to see when this realization dawns!

For a taste, immerse yourself in library-kitty goodness, or check out this trailer!


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