Bugs in a Blanket by Beatrice Alemagna

Beatrice Alemagna’s delightful Bugs in a Blanket is a story of diversity – of discovering difference in the world, and learning to take joy in it. 

At the bottom of the garden, in a warm and cosy blanket, lives a host of bugs. Seven adorable having fun at a party.Though a community through proximity, they are not yet a community in spirit: none of the bugs have actually met! Little Fat Bug decides to change this one day, though, by throwing himself a birthday party and inviting all of his neighbours.

Like all good hosts, he throws himself into preparations, high on excitement for the dance party ahead. But upon opening the door to guests, he has the shock of his life: none of the guests look like him! How can this be?? And can fun truly be had when such differences exist?…

Bugs is very much one of those books that work at various points in a little one’s development. With gorgeous, mixed-textile illustrations, it proved a compelling visual read from the time that my daughter was only a few months old. Its simple language, in turn, lends itself well to the (amazing!) memory of toddlers. Finally, its consideration of difference is very much attuned to toddlers’ perceptions of variations all around. And with “Why? Why? Why?” being the phrase of choice in our house right now, the “Because, Because, Because” half of the narrative is especially timely!

For a peek at the story, mosey down to Phaidon. For gloriously crafty inspiration, go no further than your friendly Sewing School


3 thoughts on “Bugs in a Blanket by Beatrice Alemagna

  1. This is beautiful- do you know if the book itself is a printed copy of the embroidery, or are the pages textiles?

    • Great question — I wondered the same thing myself before buying it! The book is entirely printed, somewhat to my disappointment. But it’s gorgeous all the same, which is often the case with books coming out of Phaidon.

      • aw, that’s too bad. but it still has enough aesthetic appeal to be stellar, even in print, the image online is so cool

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