#Bookaday and an Invitation

Hi, Everyone!

Today is the first day of my (Emily’s) attempt at the Book-a-Day challenge. From today until the end of August, I aim to average 1 book read every day — take that, extensive To Be Read list! What it actually means is that I’ll probably have a longer book or two on the go most of the time, and lean heavily on graphic novels and picture books to keep up. I won’t clutter up the blog with this, but you can watch my progress on Twitter @Emily_N_H. You can also check out the challenge more generally by searching #bookaday.

You know what would be even better, though? If you joined me! I know committing to a book a day is daunting (and maybe a little bit unreasonable), but there are three things that help. 1) You get to pick your own start and end dates. If you want to try reading a book a day just for July, why not? It’ll still stretch your reading and add 31 books to those with the potential to teach and influence you. 2) Anything you’d call a book counts. Kids’ books, work books, picture books, audiobooks — whatever fits your lifestyle and schedule. 3) There are lots of other people doing it, too! Support, encouragement, and, yes, more books to add to your TBR list, are waiting for you. So think about it. You’d sure be welcome!

Off I go. First up: Crogan’s Loyalty by Chris Schweizer.

See you on Twitter!


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