One Way by Norah McClintock

One Way cover

I have the crazy idea that if I just hang on, everything will be okay

It’s halfway through lunch period when Kenzie rides the wrong way up a one-way street. While he is not the first person to do this, Kenzie’s choice gets him in big trouble today. One moment he’s on his bike, the next he’s on his back, on top of something that he’s hit. As it turns out, this “something” is his ex-girlfriend Stassi.

While Kenzie comes out the accident with a few bruises and scratches, Stassi has unfortunately suffered trauma to her head and despite the immediate medical action that she receives, remains unconscious. The police come talk to Kenzie, and it soon becomes clear that everyone believes that he had a reason to hurt Stassi. He even begins to doubt himself. Was this just a freak accident, or something more?

Canadian author Norah McClintock prompts us to stop and think about daily actions and decisions that have the potential to put us or others in difficult situations. Those who like suspense and fast paced action, but prefer simpler vocabulary and a shorter read will enjoy reading this high interest novel. In consideration of the complexity of the story’s situation,  it is also one that I particularly recommend as a Young Adult read. Whether on road safety, grudges or unintentional hurt, the novel is sure to bring up some interesting discussions and has potential to be a good read-aloud in the classroom or at home.

Read other reviews from the 49th Shelf and the Canadian Review of Materials.


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