The Metro Dogs of Moscow by Rachelle Delaney

The Metro Dogs of Moscow coverMeet JR, short for Jack Russell. He’s an embassy dog who travels with his human companion, a diplomat named George. Just as he is getting really comfortable with living in Dublin, he finds out that they are moving to Moscow. It is not too long after his arrival that he is already bored with his mundane life; he would really enjoy having more than just the short “walkies” George offers him. He wants to run freely like he did on the sea shores of Dublin.

One day, JR can’t stand it any longer and escapes from his home. While he manages to get home the first time, he begins to go out regularly. He befriends some of Moscow’s strays, who show him around town to see some of the museums and famous streets. Mostly they walk, but sometimes they jump on the subway to get around. All the while, rumours are spreading amongst the strays that an increasing number of them are missing. While his friends continue to be gracious in showing him around, even those in their close circle are going missing. He tries to help, but being a small embassy dog, JR is limited in what he can do — or so he thinks. Little does he know that he is the key to helping the strays of Moscow to cross their boundaries and rescue their friends.

Delaney’s book, inspired by real dogs that travel around Moscow, is a treat to read. Travel with JR among the streets of Moscow, and feast on the the foods and aromas within the city (especially the mouthwatering Kroshka Katroshka stuffed potato delicacies!).

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Read a little more about the Moscow’s Metro dogs on Let’s Get Lost.


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