Knights of the Lunch Table: The Dodgeball Chronicles by Frank Cammuso

Knights of the Lunch Table coverArtie King may be new to Camelot Middle School, but he’s already made friends, ticked off Joe and his Horde, and fulfilled a prophecy that sort of makes him king of the school. Artie’s locker assignment sticks him with the one locker on campus that no one has ever been able to open. In fact, a prophecy has grown up around it: whoever gets the locker door open will thereafter rule the school. In need of a place to leave his books, Artie gives the combination a try — and the door opens easily. When lord-of-the-hallways Joe fails to replicate the feat, Artie’s fame, and Joe’s hatred, are fixed.

Artie’s new friend Percy has the perfect solution: Joe’s Horde and Artie’s newly-christened Knights of the Lunch Table will play one game of dodgeball. Whoever wins the game, wins the throne (figuratively speaking). Artie’s a shoo-in — assuming he actually has amazing dodgeball skills everyone thinks he does. And if he doesn’t?

The Knights might be in more trouble than they thought.

This first graphic novel in Cammuso’s Knights of the Lunch Table series introduces an impressive collection of references to the King Arthur legends in an accessible, relevant, and entertaining story. Artie’s knights are awkward middle schoolers eager to play their part in their friend’s accidental challenge to Camelot’s social order. Gwen(evere) abandons the sidelines to claim her own place in the saga – I can’t wait to see more of her in later books! Mr. Merlyn is an odd-but-wise teacher always ready with a bit of advice. And of course there’s Artie’s Excalibur – er, locker – available only to him, and mysteriously stocked with just the right thing at just the right time. Let the adventures begin!

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Play Dodge-a-Rama on the Graphix website.


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