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“if I had to lose the taste for lemon-squash before I acquired the taste for hock, that would not be growth but simple change. I now enjoy Tolstoy and Jane Austen and Trollope as well as fairy tales and I call that growth: if I had had to lose the fairy tales in order to acquire the novelists, I would not say that I had grown but only that I had changed.”
C.S. Lewis, “On Three Ways of Writing for Children”

The Lemon-Squash Book Club is co-written by graduates of the University of Alberta’s School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) who love children’s and young adult literature. Our goal is to create a place where librarians, teachers, parents, and anyone else interested can find resources to help match kids and teens with great stories.

The Lemon-Squash Book Club is a reader’s advisory blog, which means that we lean more toward recommendations than strictly reviews. While we will note elements of a book that didn’t work for us, we select books for review that we have enjoyed and want to share. Our titles are therefore carefully selected, and our reviews largely positive.

We review books that might reasonably be recommended for audiences preschool to high school: picture books to adult fiction and nonfiction that has been claimed by teens, or by teachers on their behalf. We are open to review requests, but will only review books on the blog that we feel confident about recommending.

You can reach us at lemonsquashbc (at) gmail (dot) com.

Find us on lemonsquashbc/Pinterest!

Note: Unless otherwise stated, book cover images have been taken from publishers’ websites.

Meet the contributors:

Emily's blog picEmily Hollingshead (thedomesticacademic) rounded off a background in literature studies with a Master’s of Library and Information Studies (MLIS). She loves practicing her readers’ advisory skills at a local bookstore and helping to build up her church library (and, of course, sharing her favourite books here). However, her goal is to become a rural librarian so that she can spend her time exploring the many ways that a library can be a part of its community.
Find her on Twitter: @Emily_N_H


Rei (aspireitionalemon)Rei Kitano (kitarei) is a recent graduate of the LIS program, looking forward to applying the knowledge and rich experiences gained in Edmonton back home in BC. She is appreciative of all the comments and ‘likes’ on the blog and looks forward to continually connecting with the blogging community and their families by looking for, providing access to and sharing fascinating and delightful reads with viewers.

Lindsey (fromleavestotrees)Lindsey Panjvani (fromleavestotrees) is currently in her second year of a MLIS program, and hopes to facilitate the acculturation process of newcomers to Canada by way of libraries. While a small number of children and YA volumes did find their way onto her bookshelves prior to 2010, such volumes are sure to multiply as her monkey of a daughter inspires more and more adventures in these genres.


Miriam's blog picIn April 2013, I (Miriam/miliama) will be graduating with my MLIS and hope to combine my education degree with my MLIS degree and work with children providing them with the wonder and imagination that can be found in the world of books around us.


6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello! A very nice site here. I have a blog of homeschool projects (etc.) and am always looking for resources to further our journey. I will be checking back. Thanks! Karen

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